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Written by Eilish McKeown, ICF Ireland Chapter President and C-IQ Certified coach

Laura, a young nurse, contacted me to coach her for a very important interview she had coming up. Her goal was to secure one of only 4 available vacancies on the National Public Health Nursing program at University College Dublin - so she had to beat 280 other applicants.

Laura had already applied for this program the previous year but had not been accepted. This increased her determination but also her levels of anxiety and stress about getting the spot this year. By the time she had contacted me, Laura had already successfully completed the first stage of the application process and was shortlisted for the final interview stage.

This is where she most needed my guidance to help her over the final and most crucial hurdle to secure one of those 4 vacancies. And this is where the C-IQ tools would later on create profound transformation for her.

My sister had referred Laura to me and told her about my work with C-IQ - including the outstanding results my clients had achieved through it (many of them also being successful interview candidates). So whilst C-IQ was responsible for the results we were about to create, it was also the reason I signed on Laura as a client in the first place.

We then scheduled two 3 hour appointments to prepare her for one of the most important moments of her life. When I first met Laura she presented as a very bright, intelligent young lady. She described for me how the previous interview went for her, I teased out some of the issues, the questions, her responses etc.

Through conversation, she realised one answer in particular did not sit well with the interview board, described the feelings that came up for her and we reflected on what she could learn from that. Using Conversational Intelligence®, I quickly identified that her amygdala had been triggered when she noticed her response was not the answer they were looking for (in my experience this is quite common at interview with candidates) - and this trigger set off a train of reactions and events.

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Methodology ( 2/3 )

I decided to use primarily the 5 Brains Model with Laura. Describing the brain and how it works, I showed her the diagram (from our C-IQ toolbox) and walked her through it. I explained in simple terms that the amygdala was the oldest brain, when we are fearful it kicks in in a nano second.

More importantly, if we don’t recognize this for what it is, the amygdala can take over and shut our thinking brain down. I explained how if she could learn to manage this at interview, and use the tools to calm it down, she could have access to her whole brain, capacity of thought and knowledge to respond to questions. I talked about the new executive change brain, the neocortex library she could access for knowledge and of course the heart brain.

Then I focused on the interview board and how they have brains too. I showed her that she could actually control the interview by consciously connecting with their executive brain, emotional brain etc. and how she can create more trust and connections by relating to them one at a time when being questioned.

I suggested she make her answers interesting and tell a story to connect through conversation.

I believe the turning point for Laura was understanding if she could recognise the amygdala for what it is and use her ability to calm it down then there would be no stopping her. I sent Laura off to read up on her answers and at our second appointment we rehearsed the interview together a few times. I was amazed at how quickly she understood the C-IQ approach to conversation and how easily she put it into practice to come up with answers that stood out.

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Outcome ( 3/3 )

Laura called me as soon as the interview was over, she was buzzing! She had stayed focused throughout and took charge of the areas of her brain where she stored all her knowledge and information, which essentially gave her confidence to respond. She saw the board members as real people interested in her.

As soon as the interview was over, Laura called me and she was buzzing! Putting her C-IQ knowledge into practice, she had managed to stay focused throughout and took charge of the areas of her brain where she stored all her knowledge and information - which essentially gave her the confidence necessary to respond.

She was able to see the board members as real people interested in her. I know how sought after these posts are from my experience in Healthcare so I was very excited a week later when Laura contacted me to say she was placed number 24 nationally on the panel and succeeded in getting one of the 4 jobs available in her local area. A completely amazing result – I was stunned!

Laura started studying in University College Dublin on 5 September. I honestly put Laura’s success down to the use of C-IQ (along with her enthusiasm to learn them) and of course her high level of awareness and intelligence. Laura’s ability to hear and understand of how we manage our brains in stressful situations lead her to be calm, composed and in control of the interview which ultimately lead to her success.

This is a heartwarming, true account of a young girl with a dream to serve the Community and now she is on her way to achieving it, thanks to C-IQ.

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Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches - main case study eilish circle

Written by Eilish McKeown, ICF Ireland Chapter President and C-IQ Certified coach

About Eilish:

Eilish McKeown has over 30 years professional experience across the public, private and voluntary sectors and has worked at management level for over 20 years. She has over 10 years experience as a Trainer and Group Facilitator and has almost 10 years experience working as a Coach. She specializes in Conflict Coaching and Performance Enhancing Coaching with a particular emphasis on strengthening leadership capability, role transition and resilience coaching. The foundation of her coaching philosophy holds that “each of us has within us the resources and potential for self-understanding and change”.

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